Navigating Your Professional Development

january 2014

At GRAVA’s January Breakfast Workshop, we focused on Navigating Your Professional Development. Participants learned the latest information about valuable resources for professional development available to them locally.

Sarah Steadman, Programs Chair of GRAVA, provided an update on GRAVA’s programming for the coming year including a renewed focus on CCVA Core Competencies guiding our content:

  • Ethics – ability to act in accordance with professional principles
  • Organizational Management – ability to design and implement policies, processes, and structures to align volunteer involvement with mission and vision
  • Human Resource Management – ability to successfully engage, train, and support volunteers in a systematic and intentional way
  • Accountability – ability to collect relevant data and to engage in meaningful monitoring, evaluation, and reporting to stakeholders
  • Leadership & Advocacy – ability to advance individual, organizational, and community goals, advocating for effective volunteer involvement inside and outside, through the investment of personal integrity, skills, and attitude.

Rachel Ā Douglas, Program Director of Nonprofit Learning Point, provided an overview of services offered including:

Erin Osiol, Program Manager of HandsOn Greater Richmond, reminded participants that HandsOn offers regularly occurring training on topics ranging from youth engagement to corporate engagement to large-scale projects and project scoping. In addition, monthly training on how to use the HandsOn Website for referrals is offered as well as one-on-on technical assistance.

Katie Campbell the lead the group in a exercise in Mapping Your Personal Goals for 2014 & Beyond. She encouraged participants to spend some time reflecting on where they are currently in their professional career and then spend some time exploring possibilities for growth and identifying the destination or outcome they would like to see. As the final step, participants documented and shared their pathways forward outlining specific steps and actions to take in the coming year.

Please complete and save your pathway for February 6th’s GRAVA Breakfast Roundtable where we’ll pick up where we left off in our professional development efforts!

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