February Roundtable: Taking Charge of Your Professional Development

February Roundtable

At GRAVA’s February Breakfast Roundtable, we focused on Taking Charge of Your Professional Development. Built on the January Workshop, Navigating Your Professional Development in which focused primarily on regional information and resources available to our members for professional development, this roundtable session led by GRAVA  board members Kim Frola and Rebecca Butler had our members working together to develop strategies and tactics to reach their goals through a 2014 Professional Development Plan.

Among the resources available for helping to accomplish your professional develop or “continuing competency” skills are GRAVA Scholarships. Current GRAVA members are eligible to apply for one scholarship of up to $100 per year for professional development workshops, seminars, conference, boos, or other resource materials that support their work in the field of volunteer management. Contact Kim Frola, Professional Development Chair for more information and your application form!

While you are developing your pathways to reach your 2014 professional development goals, we should also be plotting a course to nominate a candidate for GRAVA’s Volunteer Administrator of the Year Award – to be presented at the annual conference in July. The nomination forms will be out in early spring, but start identifying a candidate you would like to nomination. Then start collecting supporting documentation – specific examples, positive quotes, etc.

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