April Roundtable: Risk Management

April Grava

“Risk management is not just looking for trouble, it’s looking for solutions that make your organization more effective.” – Tremper and Kostin

At GRAVA’s April Roundtable, we had a great discussion on interviewing and on-boarding new volunteers through the lens of risk management.  Many thanks to Laurie Dever, Vice President for HR & Leadership Development with the YMCA of Greater Richmond and Jeanne Panzera with Henrico CASA for attending and lending their wisdom to the group discussions.  Below are some tips shared when developing a risk  management plan for your volunteers:

  • Review and update your organization’s insurance coverage
  • Review your state restrictions and regulations regarding children/youth, if your volunteers will be working with children or if you have youth volunteers
  • Establish and follow consistent screening procedures for all volunteers
  • Ask volunteers to sign volunteer agreements and/or liability waivers
  • Establish effective supervision procedures for all volunteers
  • Orient and train all volunteers before they begin their work

One of the most popular topics discussed was the background check.  Here are two resources that were shared:

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