June Roundtable: Using Facilitation Skills To Lead Change

ImageChange. It’s human nature to resist change in favor of the comfort and safety of our familiar routines and standard procedures. But the reality is that organizations must evolve continuously in order to survive, and healthy organizations actively seek out opportunities to do what they do more effectively and efficiently.

What kinds of skills can we, as volunteer engagement professionals, cultivate that will not only prepare us for the shifting realities of change, but allow us to facilitate and lead the sort of strategic change that will take our programs and organizations to the next level?

In May, presenter Plum Clovesius introduced GRAVA members to some excellent facilitation and consensus-building skills. At the June Roundtable, Alison Jones-Nassar and Julie Adams-Buchanan will continue the conversation with an examination of how these skills support the change process and the role GRAVA members can play in leading change.

Roundtable discussions will focus on real-life challenges involving current, upcoming, or recently accomplished changes at your organizations – please come prepared to discuss the group dynamics of these situations in detail!

TOPIC: Using Facilitation Skills To Lead Change

DATE: Thursday June 5, 2014

TIME: 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.

LOCATION: Virginia Supportive Housing, South Richmond Apartments

ADDRESS: 5409 Hull Street Road, RVA 23224

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