August’s Message From the President

154445_797492876942911_435976117_nRecently, this email message was delivered to the GRAVA inbox:

“The Board’s continued dedication and strategic planning have raised the level of professionalism in our field.  And I am so grateful for that.  In the years I’ve been a members of GRAVA, I’ve benefitted in so many ways and certainly credit GRAVA for helping me grow in this field. Thank you so much!”

What a terrific message on which to end the 2013/2014 cycle and begin the 2014/2015 cycle! It really gives me pleasure to think that our efforts have raised the professionalism of our field and to hear that GRAVA has supported the growth of our members. I know that is personally true for me and I hope that it applies to all GRAVA members as well!

For as long as I have been on the GRAVA board, we have had a goal of reaching 100 members, but for one reason or another we’ve just never quite succeeded. Well, maybe this year will be the year! It’s not even the end of August and already more than forty people have joined or renewed their memberships for the coming year. What about you? Are you still waiting for a good reason to join GRAVA in 2014? Well, let me give you a few GREAT reasons right now:

  • At $30 per year, GRAVA is one of the best deals around! That works out to just a little over $3 per monthly learning session (as opposed to $10 for non-members), and when you consider all of the other benefits, including the monthly e-newsletter, networking opportunities, scholarships, conference discounts, message board, and members-only directory, it’s hard to think of a single reason NOT to join!
  • As a 2014/2015 member, you will receive free admission to our very first workshop on September 4, and it’s a session you will NOT want to miss! The instructor, Ann Deaton, comes to us through Nonprofit Learning Point where she serves as a faculty member and coach for the Emerging Nonprofit Leaders program. Ann’s presentation Valuing Your Values will focus on the first CCVA competency of ethics and enable GRAVA members to understand how differences between between personal, professional, and organizational values factor into the ethical decision-making process.
  • As a 2014/2015 member, you will receive an invitation to our evening member mixer on September 25 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts! At the request of members, the GRAVA board is excited to host this annual opportunity to unwind after a long day at work with your fellow GRAVA colleagues and enjoy live music, a cash bar, prizes, a docent-led tour, and more!
  • As a 2014/2015 member, you will be able to attend our annual International Volunteer Manager’s Day celebration on November 6! To recognize and celebrate all that our members do to strengthen their organizations and communities, this special breakfast workshop will feature ENPL instructor and coach Elaine Kiziah and focus on the topic of self-care. (PS – there might also be cupcakes involved!)

Hopefully, you’re already downloading the GRAVA membership application, submitting the check request to your finance department, and saving the dates for our 2014 programs. I guarantee it will be worth it. With a membership of 100 like-minded professionals, we will be that much closer to realizing our vision of creating “a community where the potential of volunteer engagement is harnessed by competent leadership and every organization values its volunteer resources to achieve its mission.” It’s a vision worth supporting because it’s a vision that supports us, and I couldn’t be more excited! See you all in September!

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