September 2014 President’s Message

Run_Choke_People_grandeThe older I get, the more convinced I become about the importance of building opportunities for joy into every single day, week, and month. As a value, it certainly ranks as one of my top ten, and I would even say it’s right up there in the top three. I don’t distinguish between personal joy and professional joy because I’ve come to realize that another of my fundamental values has to do with alignment. I think this is why volunteer engagement resonates with me on so many levels – it’s a profession that aligns so perfectly with who I am and want to be as a citizen, as a parent, as a member of the human race…

So imagine my joy last week, as we launched the 2014-2015 GRAVA membership cycle! I could not have been more delighted with the turnout, with the topic, with the speaker, with the space, with the vibe…It was one of those great moments when the universe feels in perfect alignment and full of joy.

Ann Deaton’s simple yet profound presentation on values struck a deep chord with me because I’ve spent the last five years traveling very intentionally along a path of increased awareness and it has influenced every sphere of my life. And I think I’m a better decision-maker, a better parent, a better leader because of it. And best of all, GRAVA has helped to shape that path for me for as long as I’ve been a member (coming up on eight years) and will continue to do so as long as I remain in this profession.

What about you? Did you walk away from the workshop thinking deeply about what matters to you and how that manifests itself in the way you think, speak, work, make choices, and interact with others? Are you hungry for professional growth opportunities that would allow you to explore your core values & strengths and apply them to every sphere of your life? If you ask me, there’s nothing more exciting than pursuing the things that allow you to be who you really are and lead you to exactly where you need to be. That’s pure alignment. That’s pure joy.

If you value the conversations, the growth, the support you receive from your GRAVA membership, then I hope that you will make the commitment to attend the Member Mixer on September 25, the next Roundtable on October 2, and the Self-Care Workshop on November 6! The GRAVA board will do everything it can to make sure these are opportunities worth taking advantage of but the joy can’t happen without YOU!

At Your Service,
Alison Jones-Nassar

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