October Roundtable Event Recap


At GRAVA’s October Roundtable, we followed up the September Breakfast Workshop discussion on Valuing Your Values with a more in-depth discussion. Guided by Melissa Gilmore and Sheryl Luebke, we explored more deeply our personal values and how that influences choices and decisions we make in our professional lives as well as how we interact with others. GRAVA members worked through ethical dilemmas and shared their decisions based on their professional and personal values. Melissa also shared the Professional Ethics in Volunteer Administration from CCVA.

A good resource for further information and assistance is “How Good People Make Tough Choices: Resolving the Dilemmas of Ethical Living” by Rushworth Kidder. It  was suggested that interested GRAVA members form a book club of this book to study and discuss further (tentatively scheduled for December). Please contact Melissa Gilmore if iinterestedat gilmoredm@verizon.net.

Many thanks to event host, St. Joseph’s Villa.

Check out all the pictures here!

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