February 2015 Roundtable Recap

feb roundtable

At GRAVA’s February Roundtable, we continued the discussion from January’s workshop on peer mentoring and coaching as a way to expand your support network, grow you job satisfaction and gain valuable professional growth for ourselves as well as the volunteers we serve.

Sarah Steadmand and Sheryl Luebke lead members in the discussion and share that all goals are about change, doing something differently than how we’ve always done it.  Change is hard which is why we sometimes fall short of our goals.  The GROW model helps you identify your goal, address your current capacity to achieve your  goal, brainstorm the options or approaches to overcome and meet that goal and then establish the will to take that first step and overcome obstacles.

Group discussion highlighted some great goals and resources for Volunteer Administrators:

  • Network with peers – Women’s Social Good Network – https://www.facebook.com/WSGNRVA/timeline and YNPN RVA
  • Pick a Day to work on long term, big picture planning/execution rather than the day to day details
  • Plate analogy – making sure that when you add something to your plate you take something else off, do it intentionally because something always gets taken off and you should know what you’re giving up.
  • Take courses – Nonprofit Learning Point

Roundtable Materials:

View all pictures from the event.

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