President’s Message March 2015

no-snow-300x300Well, the snow really messed up my recent GRAVA events and I am not very happy about that! Within the last few weeks I have had to miss a workshop, a buddy meeting, and a book club discussion because of the white stuff and that just is not okay. A long time ago, I stopped seeing GRAVA as a frivolous luxury that I could take or leave, depending on how the day was going. Now I see it as something absolutely necessary – for my professional health, for sure, but also for my own emotional health as well. The truth is, I really need my monthly dose of GRAVA!

I don’t even know which I miss more – the content or the connections. There is so much about these meetings that stimulates my mind and provokes my thought processes. And the new perspectives, the opportunities for problem-solving, the wealth of shared experiences re-energize me and renew my sense of excitement and passion for my own work every time. And best of all is how the conversation threads from each different gathering weave together to create a dialogue of incredible depth, nuance, and richness. Missing them is just not an option.

Fortunately, the snow is melting!

Even better, March’s speaker has graciously agreed to reschedule for April and I for one am really looking forward to her public speaking workshop on April 2! The book club discussion will pick up where it left off on March 26, and I don’t know about you, but the topic of ethical challenges is every bit as relevant to my work as my daily to-do list (if not more so). The small group dynamic of the buddy group perfectly complements the larger-scale platform of the workshops. How could I not develop as a volunteer management professional with this support system in place?

In the meantime, if you’re desperate for cerebral stimulation, here are three invigorating articles to help you cogitate your way through the final weeks of winter:
Blissful Ignorance and Splendid Serendipity: Resources for Risk Success
What’s Working: Taking a Pause to Lead with Excellence
You Don’t have to Be the Boss to Change How Your Company Works

Happy cogitating, and see you on April 2!
At your service,
Alison Jones-Nassar

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