Member Spotlight: Chelsea Jackson

picChelsea Jackson, Special Initiatives Coordinator, Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity

Q: Three things you want folks to know about you.

  1. Born and raised in Richmond but attended college at Salem College for Women in Winston-Salem, NC.
  2. Really enjoy thrifting and over all shopping in general.
  3. Loves watching the Golden Girls daily.

Q: Three things you want folks to know about your work.

  1. In 1986 a grassroots committee of volunteers established RMHFH in an Aunt Sarah’s Pancake House over their concern of the growing need for affordable housing in the Richmond area.
  2. I have three main jobs: grant writing, youth/college engagement, and faith relations.
  3. My favorite parts of my job are the home dedications and traveling/networking opportunities.

Q: Why do you love the profession of volunteer administration?

It’s really rewarding and exciting to work directly with people who are very willing to put their time and energy into our organization. It’s one thing to be offered monetary donations, but it’s even better when a family, company, students, or single individuals decide to come out on building sites or to the ReStore and actually become actively involved with our partner families.

Q: What are most looking forward to with GRAVA?

I absolutely love the diversity of organizations represented, which I have truly enjoyed learning more about each one. Also, just by attending the Oct. meeting, I really appreciate the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere of the workshops and I find the topics discussed very useful and helpful.

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