September 2015 Workshop Recap

15-09 september workshopAt GRAVA’s September Workshop, Sarah Milston of The Spark Mill introduced our members to Canva – a free online design tool designed to make professional-quality graphic design accessible to all. Members were given tips and strategies for how to get the most out of Canva to produce everything from infographics to invites to vibrant, sharable social media posts.

Sarah covered Canva’s nuts and bolts (How do you resize an image? What’s the difference between a JPG and a PNG?) as well as big picture strategy (What principles go into branding and “good design”? What techniques can you use for effective social media messaging?). You can download her incredibly useful slide deck here.

The program strengthened members’ skills in two major CVA core competency areas: attracting volunteers, and acknowledging/celebrating volunteer involvement. Everyone left feeling empowered to get back to the office and dive right into trying Canva. It really is easy, powerful, and fast – we used it to make the lead image for this post in less than ten minutes!

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