Member Spotlight: Ellen Costlow

Ellen Costlow 2Ellen Costlow, Manager of Volunteer Services, Special Olympics Virginia

Q: Three things you want folks to know about you.

  1. I got my degree in social work from James Madison University and I definitely still bleed purple.
  2. I have a three and a half year old son who keeps me busy and laughing whenever I’m not at work.
  3. I have a small problem when it comes to donuts…. Possibly not so small a problem.

Q: Three things you want folks to know about your work.

  1. Special Olympics runs year round! We have practices, competitions, tournaments, and championships going on pretty much all the time; it isn’t just one big summer event each year.
  2. We are currently working to establish more school based programs for athletes with and without disabilities. Our goal is to create a generation that is completely unified.
  3. SOVA events are always a ton of fun because our athletes and volunteers are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

Q: Why do you love the profession of volunteer administration?

I love getting to work with all types of people all across the state. It is an honor to connect them to the Special Olympics program and watch how just one event can be a life changing experience.

Q: What are most looking forward to with GRAVA?

I am really excited about the GRAVA Buddy program!

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