President’s Message October 2015

Miracle“It’s a Miracle”- Have you ever said that to yourself after a successful event, at the end of an important meeting, at the completion of a project or on Friday afternoon at 5:00? I am sure we all have. It is the nature of the work we do when leading and guiding volunteers. We are engaged 100% all the time and sometimes it is a miracle that it all gets done.

“It’s a Miracle” when we find that sweet spot where our organization’s culture and capacity are ready to openly welcome and engage volunteers. We not only have to have staff on board with our volunteerism efforts, but leadership is just as important. Advocating for resources is critical. If you don’t ask for it, people will assume you don’t need it. We not only need to be advocates for our volunteers, but also for our positions as the leaders of volunteers. Share the impact your volunteers have on your organization’s mission. You can do this is many ways and should be sharing their stories at board meetings, staff meetings, on social media platforms, in newsletters, on your agency’s website, and with the volunteers themselves.

At our November meeting we will be celebrating IVM (International Volunteer Managers) Day. It is my hope that you will all be with us to celebrate all the successes and miracles that we make happen every day.   For many of us, working with and leading volunteers is just a portion of our job, but it is an important part and the work we do needs to be highlighted. We need to recharge our batteries and find our community and I hope that will happen for you at the November GRAVA meeting.

“The miracle is you!”

See you there,

Melissa M. Gilmore, M Ed., CVA
GRAVA President

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