Member Spotlight: Marcos Martinez


Marcos Martinez, Volunteer Coordinator & Brand Manager, Higher Achievement Richmond

Q: Three things you want folks to know about you.

  1. Native of South Texas
  2. Committed 2 years of AmeriCorps
  3. Always looking for new partnerships, ways to engage & connect resources to opportunity

Q: Three things you want folks to know about your work.

  1. Our mentors and volunteers make an incredible commitment, serving a minimum 27 weeks, some beyond that.  I am privileged to learn about every mentor and volunteer and share their stories.
  2. The staff that I work with, both at the affiliate and national level have created a culture that fosters imagination and curiosity. With our principles of collaboration, spirit, excellence and respect, going to work is rejuvenating instead of  “another day at the office”
  3. I am incredibly technology oriented and am always plugged in to leveraging technology to achieve tasks and create efficient systems.

Q: Why do you love the profession of volunteer administration?

I love my profession because I have the responsibility and authority to innovate and solve problems for the organization, staff and mentors while maintaining my identity through my involvement of various projects. I am sought after by individuals for a specific quality with tasks and that can always increase satisfaction; everyone wants to feel that they are irreplaceable.

Q: What are most looking forward to with GRAVA?

From my time with GRAVA, I don’t want the relationship to remain one-sided. Just as much that I receive from GRAVA, i.e. workshops, networking, resources, et cetera, I want to contribute as much as possible to carry their missions past what is possible, and assist in enriching an already prosperous organization.

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