GRAVA + LinkedIn

GRAVA is officially up and running on LinkedIn!  Many thanks to the 46 of you who have already joined our group.

grava plus linked in

Want in? Click here to request to join.

Already connected? Take the next step! Check out these ways to leverage your GRAVA connections to grow your network, improve your profile, find jobs, and tap into our member expertise.

  • Master the basics. Here’s a great article with 22 tips for building a standout profile.
    • Make sure you check out #1 and #4 (making the most of the headline and summary areas), #8 (creating a custom URL), and #9 (adding multimedia samples of your work).
  • Grow your network. Invite fellow GRAVA group members to connect with you.
    • Try out tip #13 (personalize your invitations) by mentioning that you’re a fellow GRAVA member to boost the chances they’ll accept.
  • Improve your profile. Be strategic with skills that demonstrate your range of professional competencies.
    • LinkedIn auto-generates skills that can shortchange you by lumping “volunteer management” into a single skill set. Baloney! Showcase your many talents by building your skills around the CVA core competencies. Head to page 8 of the CVA competency framework, and start translating the bullet points into skills that LinkedIn recognizes more readily (i.e., “Advocate for volunteer involvement” might include Communications, Community outreach, and Relationship building. “Document Volunteer Involvement” includes Budgeting, Performance metrics, and Data management.)
  • Work your network. Do you buy online without reading the reviews? Neither do potential employers. Get your GRAVA peers to vouch for you.
    • Give an endorsement, get an endorsement. Be sure to endorse fellow members for relevant skill sets, and get them to do the same for you.
    • Ask for recommendations. Don’t just wait for a glowing recommendation to fall from the sky. Go to “Settings,” “Manage your recommendations,” and follow the prompts to solicit positive feedback from employers, colleagues, or community partners. See tip #22 for tips on doing this strategically and gracefully.
    • Post or look for jobs. Use the “share a job” tool in GRAVA’s LinkedIn group to push relevant job openings to a pool of great candidates. Or, watch this space to find your next opportunity!
    • Share info, celebrate accomplishments, and ask questions. Use the “Post a conversation” tool in GRAVA’s LinkedIn group as a megaphone to get immediate information and feedback to and from GRAVA members.

See you on LinkedIn!


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