January Program Recap

professional competence what.At our first program of the new year, Katie Campbell, Executive Director of the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA), introduced us to the new set of competencies for our field, adopted in 2015.  Katie explained the in-depth job task analysis process that CCVA undertook to identify the many unique tasks and enabling knowledge required for competence, based on an international survey of over 850 practitioners. The result is a completely updated set of skills organized into seven competency “buckets” such as:  Plan for Strategic Volunteer Engagement, Advocate for Volunteer Involvement, and Manage Volunteer Performance and Impact. You can download the CVA body of knowledge and Competency Framework here.

Katie also described the process for earning CVA certification. It is a competency-based exam based on the body of knowledge, that tests your ability to apply what you’ve learned as well as your experience. We heard thoughts and advice from the CVAs at the meeting who shared why they pursued this credential, what they gained from the process and how they decided they were ready.  There was agreement that pursuing the CVA validated the work they were doing and showed their organization that volunteer administration is a professional job with standards and a right way to do things. Katie encouraged us to download the CVA Self-Assessment Tool to identify our own competency strengths and gaps for further discussion at the February GRAVA meeting.

You can download Katie’s complete presentation here.

Thank you to our host, The Community Idea Stations, and GRAVA member Brynn Markham, who welcomed us to “Sesame Street.”   The Community Idea Stations got its start 51 years ago with educational programming and considers itself the original smart TV! Today, they have approximately 700 volunteers and about 60 community partners.

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