President’s Message January 2016

sinatra“Start spreading the news, I’m starting today, I want to be a part of it, earn my CVA!” What a wonderful way to start the year! The January workshop got us all thinking about professional competence and so much more. We learned that we are strategic architects, talent cultivators, data managers, articulate ambassadors, relationship builders, champions of quality and passionate motivators! Thanks Katie Campbell and the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration for the wonderful new language that identifies all that we do!

The news is we do so many tasks and we need to make sure we raise awareness and advocate for our positions as well as for the volunteers we lead and manage. 2016 is a new beginning, so the sky is the limit when we think about professional development! There are so many opportunities to make this the year you grow, both professionally and personally. You can take a class, participate in a webinar, join the GRAVA book club, attend a conference, meet with your GRAVA buddies, and/or read articles and blogs about volunteerism. Remember, GRAVA provides scholarships for your continued learning.

So, as you plan for strategic volunteer involvement, advocate for your volunteers, attract and onboard your volunteer workforce, prepare volunteers for their roles, document volunteer impact, manage volunteer performance and acknowledge, celebrate and sustain your volunteers, GRAVA is here to support and help you along the way. It is going to be a great year!

Excited to hear your news and updates on your professional development at our next meeting!

See you in February,

Melissa M. Gilmore, M Ed., CVA
GRAVA President

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