Being a Conference Co-Chair

Being a Conference Co-chair

For Sheryl and I, being a member of the board and acting as co-chairs has given us a rewarding opportunity to support GRAVA.  This position has helped to further our own professional growth while also contributing to the professional development of our peers.

For fellow GRAVA members interested in this position, you will find that being one of two co-chairs will provide you with a partner and collaborative support to plan and implement a successful conference.  Two heads has definitely been better than one!  Dovetailing skills and time commitment is invaluable.

Past Conference chairs have laid the ground work and structure to make the planning process easy to implement.  We have gotten so much support from not only the board but also from GRAVA members at large.  We have developed a committee of members to help with selecting our speakers, content for the training, promotion, obtaining sponsorships to support the conference costs and “day of” volunteer support.

You will get a sense of accomplishment out of this endeavor and skills to take back to your own work site.  If you are not familiar with training development, conference planning/implementation and fund development, this is a great opportunity.  Working with a planning committee and watching everyone help you implement a successful conference (two successful coconference 2conferences) will give you great satisfaction and a valuable addition to your resume.

We are leaving the next co-chairs with lots of planning documents and a procedure notebook.  We will be available to talk with you further about the position and help with questions along the way!

Lisa Adkins & Sheryl Luebke
GRAVA Conference Co-Chairs

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