President’s Message April 2016

michael-jackson-album-coversWanna Be Starting Something is a classic song by Michael Jackson from his Thriller album, but I think the message is also relevant to volunteerism. We as the leaders of volunteers should want to start something! We have the power to do this every day and I am sure you started something this week when celebrating and highlighting the wonderful work of your volunteers during National Volunteer Week. Another way to start something is by harnessing the power of storytelling.

I love this quote, “There are 2 ways to share knowledge, you can push information out or you can pull them in with a story.” We cannot under estimate the importance of sharing our organizations/agency’s story.  I know personally I am much more willing to get involved in a cause, make a donation, and/or fill a need if I know the full story.  Data and stats are necessary, but sharing our stories are just as important.  We will learn more about telling our stories at the May meeting.

Starting something is a call to action. I encourage all of you to at least attempt to start something this month.  Whether it be a new process, new way of thinking, new way of viewing a situation or new way of interacting with staff and volunteers.  Possibly it is starting the next step in your professional development.  It might even be starting something over to course correct or to do it better the second time. Sometimes the hardest part is just to start!

See you in May!

Melissa M. Gilmore, M Ed., CVA GRAVA President

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