May Program Recap

At our May meeting, we were introduced to digital storytelling, gained valuable tips for telling great volunteer stories and learned about some low cost software solutions. Our presenter, Greg Hofbauer, Senior Manager of Communications and Small Business Strategy with ChamberRVA (formerly the Greater Richmond Chamber), shared his “Golden Rules” of storytelling:  keep it short (2 minutes or less), simple (focus on one main topic for one main audience), genuine (be authentic and compelling), and visually interesting (by using a variety of media and visuals).  He showed some example videos that demonstrated these rules and we discussed interview questions to get people to open up, such as, “Why do you keep coming back?” “What about our mission draws you in? and “Did you learn anything new today?”  Download Greg’s complete presentation for much more information about digital storytelling, recommendations, many resources and tips.

Before the program, Sue Kindred spoke briefly about the upcoming Storytelling conference on May 13 and invited our members to attend.

Many thanks to Mary Beth Walsh and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for hosting our meeting.  Mary Beth pointed out that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and that you can wear green in solidarity.  NAMI offers both remote and in-person volunteer opportunities which you can find at the NAMI website:

Can your organization host a GRAVA meeting next programming year?  Please contact Jan (email) or Debbie (email) to learn more.

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