President’s Message May 2016

prez messageWide Open Spaces, a song by the Dixie Chicks, is all about new beginnings and having the courage to follow your dreams. During this season of graduations it makes me think about how chapters in our life close and new ones begin.  We have the power to chart a new course.  One of the lyrics in this song is “Wide Open Spaces, room to make the big mistakes” which I think is critical when we are growing and changing.  We often think making mistakes is a negative thing, but if we never make a mistake we never learn from them!

When I think about Open Spaces I think about possibilities and the ability to dream.  Sometimes we don’t focus on possibilities or dreams because we are fearful of them not coming true.  Maybe you’ve set them aside for fear of not seeing them realized.  Just because things aren’t exactly as you desire them to be in this moment and just because everything hasn’t unfolded as planned, be Open to what the future holds.  Give yourself the Space to grow, change and evolve.

Your membership in GRAVA offers the Open Spaces.  We are a community of nurturing, creative, smart and professional leaders who truly support the efforts of our colleagues.  Whether you attend every meeting or haven’t attended in a while, I highly recommend renewing your GRAVA membership when you register for the Professional Development Day scheduled for July 28th.  The topic and discussion will certainly Open your mind and provide that much needed Space for growth and development.

See you in June!

Melissa M. Gilmore, M Ed., CVA GRAVA President

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