June Program Recap

At our June meeting, we took a hands on approach to applying last month’s learnings about using digital tools to tell compelling volunteer stories.

Our presenter, Lauren Devitt with Capital One Community Affairs, led group discussion of video case studies from local nonprofits, including a call to action from CARITAS, an event recap from Sports Backers,  and a volunteer testimonial from Comfort Zone Camp. Attendees offered great insights into what was working and what wasn’t, and came up with a really smart addition to to Greg Hoffbauer’s list of “Golden Rules” from May: “Always, always, always show your video to someone who doesn’t know about your organization before going public!”

Then we got meta: members broke into teams to put these concepts to work telling a digital story about GRAVA. Each group was responsible for a different type of content – “B Roll” video, video interviews, audio interviews, and pictures. In less than 10 minutes, the teams had gathered a treasure trove of great sound, video, and images to be assembled into an animoto video we’ll share at the July conference. (And it looks like they had a lot of fun doing it: here’s a sneak peek at one of the resulting images!)

GRAVA.jpgDownload the complete roundtable presentation here.

Many thanks to Angela Haskovec (Sr. Program Coordinator – Women’s Program, Women and Young Farmers Programs and Agriculture in the Classroom) and the Virginia Farm Bureau for hosting our meeting.

Can your organization host a GRAVA meeting next programming year?  Please contact Jan or Debbie to learn more.

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