Aliens, lions, and creative thinking.

I found myself walking to work today remembering how we planned to move extraterrestrials, elephants, and ants around our city! What a fun and productive day of development we shared yesterday. I hope everyone enjoyed the experience and pushed their minds to think a bit farther out of the box.

Four takeaways from the conference

  1. Innovation doesn’t have to be success or failure, it doesn’t have to be a big idea. Small ideas, incremental changes can be innovative.
  2. Start with questioning, not brainstorming. Brainstorming can narrow the discussion—it is better to have unanswered questions than to focus on one thing without considering more.
  3. Come up with many limitless ideas before focusing on any one thought.
  4. When you get stuck, re-frame! Drop a variable or think of the situation from a different perspective. Really different.
  5. When in doubt, imagine your problem from a childlike perspective.


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