Use your momentum!

I know many of you are still feeling energized from that amazing conference—I know I am. Keep those creative thoughts going and push your professional development! Take advantage of a GRAVA member scholarship and read a new book, take a class, or go for your Certification in Volunteer Administration. Still need a little inspiration? Read the lovely note below from a recent scholarship recipient.

Almost ten years ago, I joined GRAVA as the newest of “newbies”, not even knowing the most basic of volunte
er management basics. GRAVA has been with me literally every step of the way on my journey toward professional competence in the field of professional volunteer engagement, especially during the period in which I served on the board (2009-2015).

One of the biggest highlights of my journey along that path was receiving my CVA in 2011, and GRAVA helped to make that possible with a professional development scholarship. Being a member and board member of GRAVA has made it easy for me to fulfill my responsibilities as a CVA by providing me with continued access to the expertise of my peers and allowing me to keep striving toward excellence through continuous learning and growth. I feel I have come a very long way since those “deer in the headlights” days.

June 2016 was the deadline for my CVA recertification and GRAVA once again supported my efforts with a professional development scholarship.  Thanks to GRAVA and to CVA, my understanding of “excellence” continues to evolve and my capacity as a leader and collaborator continues to improve. Without these two professional support networks, I would not be who and bridge-1082117_960_720what I am today. It is truly a joy and privilege to get up every day and do work that I love, and I am just as thankful to be a part of this community as the day I joined.

Alison Jones-Nassar, CVA

Wow right? I don’t know about you all but I am going to take some time and think about what I need to do next to push my professional development!

Athena Huss, CVA
Outgoing Professional Development Chair

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