GRAVA Scholarship Awarded to Joanna Brown


GRAVA is pleased to announce that Joanna Brown, Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator for the Salvation Army, was awarded a scholarship to fund coursework at the Nonprofit Learning Point to help her prepare for CVA Certification.  Here is what Joanna had to say about her scholarship award:

“Thank you to GRAVA for the scholarship to attend the Supporting and Sustaining Volunteer Involvement [class] on August 10th.  I am excited to officially begin my journey to achieving a CVA.  

This seminar was engaging and incredibly helpful!  I appreciated the focus on giving Volunteer Managers practical tools that can be easily implemented in our current positions.  The conversations throughout the day were relevant and encouraging.  

One of the morning exercises we were asked to individually do was a SWOT [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats] analysis of our own volunteer program.   In the afternoon, we gathered in groups of three to share one of the weaknesses or threats we identified in the SWOT analysis with our peers.  This was especially helpful, as the suggestions were positive and practical.  The input from my peers helped me to think outside of the box to tackle some issues in a creative, non-threatening way.

Another exercise in which we participated was to evaluate how well we are doing in seven key components of volunteer retention.  When I took the time to honestly evaluate where we are as an agency, it was easy to see what areas need to be improved upon and in which areas to congratulate staff for doing a good job.  To follow up with that assessment we were given a Retention Plan Worksheet to help us put everything on paper so we can take small, manageable steps to make improvement.  

Last, but definitely not least, I was so energized by the meeting, I took a leap of faith.  I wrote an email to my Divisional Headquarters and asked them to consider having a Volunteer Coordinator training tract at our 2017 Territorial Community Relations and Development Conference (15 states and Washington DC).  It would be awesome if they included some of the core competencies!    

Thank you again for facilitating this opportunity.  GRAVA has been invaluable to my professional development.”

Congratulations, Joanna!  We are excited to see you already putting what you have learned into action.  We wish you well as you work to pursue your CVA.

Do you have professional growth goals within Volunteer Management that you wish to pursue and would like to apply for a scholarship to do so?  GRAVA’s third and final scholarship application cycle for 2016 is now open.  You have until October 31st to submit your application for consideration.  Find out more about GRAVA’s scholarship opportunities HERE.


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