Professional Development Update

peer2peer mentoring.png

GRAVA’s Peer to Peer Mentoring Program (formerly known as the Buddy Program) works to match members in pairs or small groups for regular problem solving sessions.  Peers meet for a calendar year on a monthly basis, to discuss topics relevant to their needs.  Please email Brynn Markham, our Professional Development Chair, with the following information:  Name; Organization; Topics of Interest.  We ask that both current participants wishing to continue and those looking to join a group for the first time please email us, as participation over the summer months tends to wane.  As fall approaches, we hope to reignite and add members to existing groups, as well as start new groups where the need presents itself.  Kindly submit your information by September 30th, so we can begin to group members together accordingly.


Scholarship Application Deadline is October 31st

GRAVA’s current scholarship cycle closes on October 31st.  The next cycle will not open until January 1st.  If you’ve been interested in participating in any professional development related to your role in Volunteer Management and would like to apply for assistance with the costs of doing so, this is your chance.

Click HERE for more information and/or to apply.

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