March Program Recap

While college basketball players were gearing up for March Madness, three panelists and our moderator made the panel discussion on Crafting a Winning Strategy for Episodic Volunteers a slam dunk at our March Workshop.

March panel with audience 0302170911.jpgKathy Perun, CVA, from St. Joseph’s Villa, Jamie Seagraves, from Capital One, and Holly Gordon, from HandsOn Greater Richmond, offered many great suggestions on planning an event that will welcome and inspire volunteers as well as actually benefit your organization. Here is a link to their Tip Sheet. A special thank you goes out to the three panelists and our moderator, Ann Easterling, who works with the US Army Quartermaster Museum at Fort Lee and the Prince George County Heritage Center.

We also heard from Sara Beachamp, a recipient of a GRAVA professional development scholarship about a class on Story Telling through the Nonprofit Learning Point which was beneficial to her and which she recommends highly.

Holly Gordon announced some special events coming up for HandsOn like Global Youth Service Day and a collaboration with The Spark Mill to nominate volunteers for recognition in the Power of Good 2017 initiative.

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