President’s Message: March 2017

luckyMarch is almost over, already! Seems somewhat hard to believe, but it is a reality. In light of the season, my theme song for this month’s President’s message is “With a Little Luck” by Paul McCartney and Wings. It is a great song and who doesn’t want to feel like they have a little Luck on their side? When we think about our work with volunteers we have to not only feel a little luck, but have definite plans and processes in place to ensure success. As leaders in the field, it is imperative we are equipped and ready to receive, orient, train, engage, coach, recognize and retain our volunteers.

At the March Workshop, we had a great panel to share their experiences and expertise in working with and making the most of episodic volunteers. Doing this successfully is not a bi-product of a little luck, but so much more. We have to make sure we examine everyone’s roles. We need to make it meaningful and connect to your “WHY”. People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it. We were also lucky to learn that people have a limited amount of time to give to your organization and most people work full time. So we must be respectful of the time volunteers can donate to our organizations. We are lucky to have them!

I feel lucky to be on this journey with you!

See you in April!

Melissa M. Gilmore, M Ed., CVA
GRAVA President

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