May 2017 Program Recap

At our May meeting, we learned from our GRAVA member Marcos Martinez, Volunteer Coordinator at Higher Achievement, who wowed us with his innovative presentation discussing his hands on experience to streamline the volunteer data collection process to improve the volunteer program for Higher Achievement.

Marcos began with a brief Introduction and History of their efforts to get feedback from the volunteer mentors about their weekly experience. The challenges included a lengthy feedback form requested to be completed weekly, a lot of incomplete surveys, and too many variables to measure effectively.

He walked us through the Activities he pursued to address the challenges, and how he approached reducing the variables by connecting each question to the organization’s mission and the mentor’s role, to distill 20 questions down to just six.

Finally, Marcos presented the Action undertaken to use Excel to track the now streamlined feedback form, ongoing plans to leverage the data to improve volunteer satisfaction and retention, and future plans to further leverage technology and the survey data.

Marcos relied on these tools which he highly recommends:  Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring and the Youtube series: Excel Is Fun.

Marcos’ excellent presentation can be found here.

(If you are not familiar with viewing a Prezi presentation, click the arrows in the black band near the bottom of your screen to navigate through the presentation, or skip around to sections of interest.)

Many thanks to LaMont Sledge and Saint Paul’s Baptist Church, Creighton Campus, for so graciously hosting us in one of their classrooms on their beautiful campus!

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