GRAVA April Roundtable – Lessons from the Faith Community

April 5, 2018 8:30-10:30am
First Baptist Church
2709 Monument Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220

Location & Parking: We will meet at First Baptist Church (FBC-Richmond) which is located at Monument and Boulevard. Parking is available at Robinson and Monument in the church parking lot. Then a short walk through the alley, cross Mulberry Street, and in the door with the awning. There is an info booth just inside which can offer directions.

Presenters: GRAVA Board members

Read about March’s workshop if you missed it. To follow up on the workshop on working with faith communitities, we’ll be roundtable discussing these topics:

  1. Bring a faith community’s mission or purpose statement.
  2. Think of one or two faith communities that might be complimentary partners with your nonprofit.
  3. Who might be a “champion” to approach in those faith communities?

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