GRAVA March 2019 Workshop – Synapse

March 7, 2019
Maymont Park – Garden Hall
1701 Hampton St
Richmond, VA 23220

Presenter: Panel with Keith Reynolds

Keith Reynolds, Co-Founder of Synapse, will be joining us to share the Synapse story and explain how Synapse creates Connections, Collaboration and Contributions all around the Richmond, Charlottesville and Coastal Virginia communities! Joined by several Synapse members and “Hub Leaders”, Keith will tell his personal story of how he came to be in the position to create and build upon the unique vision of Synapse. After Keith shares the Synapse story, several of the Synapse members and leaders will explain the various ways that the Synapse community has impacted their personal and professional lives. Finally, the Synapse panel will provide information about how GRAVA members can experience and explore the Synapse network of “Hubs” by “Hub Hopping” with them in the near future! If you appreciate a good story, you don’t want to miss this “Hopportunity”!

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