June 2019 Workshop – Create a More Inclusive Volunteer Program

June 6, 2019
Community Foundation for a greater Richmond
3409 W Moore St
Richmond, VA 23230

Presenter: Presented by Stephanie Glenn


Do volunteers at your organization represent the racial and ethnic diversity of the community you serve? The answer, for most governments and nonprofit organizations, is “no.”  But this can change.  Join GRAVA on June 6th  to learn 8 strategies for creating a more inclusive volunteer program at your organization. These strategies serve as a starting point for volunteer engagement leaders who are seeking concrete next steps for better engaging volunteers from diverse and immigrant communities.

Stephanie Glenn is formally the program  manager for HandsOn Greater Richmond which is a service of the Community Foundation.  Currently in a new role as Senior Program Officer for Educational Success.  Stephanie has 16 years’ experience in nonprofit with specialization of volunteer management.  She’s a volunteer’s volunteers as she serves on several boards and volunteers herself as a mentor to youth. Stephanie has dedicated her career to making a change in communities where individuals and families need systematic change.

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