GRAVA Board & Contact

GRAVA Board 2021-23


Ellen Costlow, President |  email Ellen

The President of GRAVA will preside over all Board and membership meetings.  The President is responsible for keeping the Board and membership informed of all activities and programs involving and related to GRAVA.  The President oversees all functional areas of GRAVA and the work of the Board members assigned to those areas of responsibility.

Secretary, Rachel Yowell | email Rachel

The Secretary maintains thorough records and notes of all GRAVA meetings.  The Secretary, in conjunction with the Public Relations Chair, ensures that the Membership is apprised of GRAVA meetings and functions.

Sarah Wilson, Membership Chair | email Sarah

The Membership Chair maintains current records for the Membership year, which runs from September 1-August 31.  The Membership Chair maintains the organization’s contact and membership lists. 

Will Keenan, Public Relations Chair | email Will

With the GRAVA Board, the Public Relations Chair coordinates all aspects of GRAVA public relations, marketing, and communications.  This position involves developing a GRAVA public relations strategy and ensuring that the strategy is implemented.

Diane Reale, Programs Chair | email Diane 

With the GRAVA Board and input from the Membership, the Programs Chair develops the strategic programming direction for Membership meetings and ensures the implementation of this plan.  This includes coordinating the logistical aspects related to putting in place each program that is part of the plan.

Sarah Gagnon, Conference Chair | email Sarah

With the GRAVA Board and input from the Membership, the Conference Chair designs the programming flow and develops the logistics of the Annual Conference (currently being held in July).  This includes ensuring that all details prior to, during, and after the conference are properly assigned and implemented.  The Conference Chair also works closely with the Public Relations Chair to announce and promote attendance at the conference.

Carol Ayers, Professional Development Chair | email Carol

Update Membership on professional activity at the local, national, and international levels and provide information and promote opportunities about educational, networking, and professional development.

Alex Slipow, Treasurer | email Alex

The Treasurer, in conjunction with the GRAVA Board, provides oversight of GRAVA’s financial resources.  The Treasurer develops, tracks, and monitors the GRAVA Budget and provides timely updates and recommendations accordingly to the GRAVA Board and Membership.  The Treasurer works closely with the Membership Chair and other Board Members to ensure that Membership dues, meeting fees, and other revenues and expenses are processed in a timely fashion and according to the GRAVA by-laws and Board approvals.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 862
Richmond, VA 23218


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