POSTPONED: GRAVA Conference 2021: Thursday, July 29th

The Conference

The 2021 GRAVA Conference will focus on the theme of Empowerment and Advocacy.

This past year has shown us how resilient we can be through challenging times. Though the world has slowed down and started back up, volunteers have continued to show up and we looking forward to continued re-engagement in the coming months!

This past year has shown that if you work together as a collective, so much more can be accomplished. We all have had to make major adjustments to our programs in order to maintain volunteer engagement. What does the new normal look like in volunteerism and how do we navigate to ensure the continuation of success in this field? You will hear from two individuals who have years of experience working in the volunteerism field and they will discuss Creating a Pro-Volunteer Organizational Structure and Empowering YOU as a Leader in Advocating for Volunteers. As Volunteer Engagement Leaders, we have been able to be creative while remaining resilient, adapting to constant changes and being the voice for the volunteer you manage. The ultimate takeaway is for you to thrive in your position and to meet the needs of volunteers and the agencies we represent. We will continue to work together and redefine the future or volunteer engagement.

Our Agenda

the conference will take place on Zoom with a culminating in-person happy hour!

1:00pm | Opening / Welcome

1:15-2:15pm | Creating a Pro-Volunteer Organizational Culture with Erin Barnhart

2:15-2:25pm | Break

2:25-3:00pm | Networking Session

3:00pm | Awards

3:15-4:45pm | Keynote Speech with Betsy McFarland

4:45-5:00pm | Closing Remarks

5:30pm | Meet up for an in-person Happy Hour (location will be shared with participants)

About the Keynote

Empowering YOU as a Leader in Advocating for Volunteers

Betsy McFarland

Countless organizations driving positive change would not exist without volunteers on their team. In fact, research shows that organizations that embrace the efforts of volunteers are healthier and more successful in advancing their missions. Unfortunately, too many organizations silo volunteer efforts and rarely include the volunteer manager on the leadership team. As a result, volunteer efforts are not as impactful as they could be. As a leader of volunteers, you have more power and influence to change this reality than you may think! This lively session will help you fully embrace your leadership role, provide practical tools for advocating on behalf of volunteers, and successfully engage staff and volunteers at every level to work together effectively. Now is the time to elevate your role in a way that is fulfilling to you, the volunteers, and your organization’s mission. Join us and unlock your volunteer engagement superpowers.