Join a Conference Committee


grava-hbd.jpg2020 is our 30th year! We believe that we create more, and create a better community together, so ambiance for the conference is a social experience. This year, we are seeking to work more closely with the GRAVA members to ensure all voices are heard. Select the highlighted text if you are interested in joining a planning committee, or ask Erin for more information.

Hospitality Committee-This committee will help ensure that everything from the morning coffee, to the afternoon soft drinks, from breakfast to lunch is tailored for the GRAVA conference members. 

Social and Networking Committee-  We are looking for a few GRAVA members to help get the word out about our 30th year, and our big event. This committee will work with our Marketing Board Member (Maura) to create and implement design, content, and a marketing strategy for the big event. This committee will also be in charge of the networking experiences at the conference.

Swag and Gifts Committee-  This committee will be in charge of selecting, or attaining sponsorship for door prizes, raffle prizes, and guest speaker gifts.