2011 Volunteer Administrator of the Year

Megan Rollins, Volunteer Administrator of the Year 2011

Big congratulations to this year’s recipient of the GRAVA Volunteer Administrator of the Year Award, Megan Rollins! Megan has served as the Volunteer & Community Connections Coordinator at

Boaz & Ruth for four-and-a-half years. Under her leadership, the number of recurring individual volunteers has tripled; group participation has increased; the number of volunteer opportunities has expanded; collaborations and partnerships have increased; and fundraising efforts have resulted in more resources for the organization. Boaz & Ruth’s President & CEO says this about Megan: “I am continually amazed at Megan’s presence, presentations, and insights. Even though other members of our leadership team are more than twice her age, Megan shares her voice with insight and courage. She supervises a variety of people of different ages -12-75 – and of different backgrounds-from formerly incarcerated to Richmond suburbanites, professionals and students. She supervises individuals and large groups, volunteers and staff, and program participants. She leads our Beyond Dialogue program in bridging racial divides. She is a strong networker both in Highland Park and in the West End and beyond.” Congratulations on a job well-done, Megan!

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