Member Scholarships

Email Carol, Professional Development Chair to Apply!

GRAVA is a membership organization devoted to providing educational opportunities for, promoting the professionalism of, and strengthening the leadership of volunteer organizations and programs in Metro-Richmond.  For this reason, the GRAVA Board is excited to offer scholarship funding and has established the following guidelines:

  • Scholarships are available to members in good standing
  • Scholarship funding is to be utilized for professional development with priority given to courses, trainings, conferences, etc., related to volunteer management
  • Scholarships will be awarded up to $100 and are contingent upon available funds
  • Scholarship recipients must present a verbal report at a GRAVA meeting and write a synopsis for the newsletter sharing what they learned and how the scholarship helped
  • Scholarships will be awarded as a reimbursement
  • For the 2016-2017 membership year a small amount of funds are available to help cover the increase in membership dues to those who are facing hardship
  • Limit 1 scholarship per member per membership year

Application Cycles

There are three application cycles for a GRAVA member scholarship.

Cycle 1:
Applications accepted:            January 1- March 31
Notification:                             by April 30

Cycle 2:
Applications accepted:            April 1- June 30
Notification:                             by July 31

Cycle 3:
Applications accepted:            August 1 – October 31
Notification:                             by November 30

Apply here.

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